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The AS-1 air-to-surface missile is a subsonic,turbojet-powered, cruise missile with a range or 35 to 97 nm. It weighs approximately 6030-lb and has a conventional warhead of 2020-lb. For guidance, it uses a preprogrammed autopilot for launch and climb, a beam rider for mid-course, and semi-active radar for terminal flight. It has a CEP of 150 ft when used in an anti-ship role and a CEP of 1.0 nm when used against land targets. Two AS-1 missiles are carried on the Badger B aircraft. Production of the AS-1 is estimated to have began in 1953, with IOC reached in 1956. It was first seen in 1961.

Two versions of the SSC-2 were developed from the Soviet "KENNEL" air-to-surface anti-shipping missile. They resemble a small jet fighter in appearance and are transported on one-axle semitrailers. The field missile SSC-2a "SALISH" is launched from its transport semitrailer which is towed by a KrAZ-214 tractor truck The SSC-2b "SAMLET" coastal missile transport semitrailer is towed by a ZIL-157V tractor truck and is not used for launching. The missile must be removed from the transport semitrailer and placed on a large rail-type launcher for firing. The "SAMLET" coastal defense missile is the most commonly encountered cruise missile, and has been identified in East Germany and Poland.


Initial operational capability 1956
Production terminated 1960
First detected 1961
Total length
Warhead Weight
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range
Guidance mode

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