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Ghauri-III / Abdali

In late September 1999 it was reported that Pakistan had successfully completed the trials of Ghauri-III missile's engine at Kahuta Research Laboratories. Ghauri-III would cover the range of over 3,000 kilometres. Based on the close connection between the Ghauri and the North Korean Nodong missile, it is reasonable to believe that the Ghauri-III represents a Pakistani derivative of the two-stage North Korean Taepodong-1 missile, which uses the Nodong as a first stage.

The existence of a "Ghauri-II" missile is evidently implicit in the "Ghauri-III" nomenclature, although there are no indications to identify or substantiate the existence of such as missile program.

In late May 1998 Dawn reported that Pakistan launched two long range missiles, the Abdali and the Ghaznavi, both capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The report said the Abdali missile was fired from from a submarine. The report quoted sources as saying that the missile had a range of 2,500 km. However there has been no confirmation of the missile tests, and Pakistan does not have a submarine that would be suitable for firing such a missile.

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