21-23 September, 1998



Technology is at its threshold to enter into a new era , where product requirements will press the designer to design the outer bonds of light weight, small clearance, high speed , long life , high reliability and environmental acceptability and economically viable. To ensure these requirements of a rotating machine, the Vibration Technology will also advance in areas such as design, analysis, manufacturing, operation and test of high speed rotors.

The aim of this symposium is to bring together the most distinguished Experts in Mechanical Vibrations in order to share the wealth of knowledge and information. The contributions are invited for oral and poster presentations in the following areas:

* Design.

* Balancing and alignment.

* Instabilities.

* Rotor Dynamics.

* Analysis.

* Vibration Control and Isolation.

* Mathematical Modeling.

* Service Experience.



Call For Abstracts

Interested participants are requested to submit an ABSTRACT of original research by 31st March, 1998.

The Abstract text should consist of title, name of the author with affiliation , and the essential contents of the paper. It should be comprising 200-300 words , using single spacing on a DIN A-4 page (210 mm x 297 mm) and contain no half tone pictures or figures.

The Author will be notified about the acceptance of the paper and the mode of presentation by 50th May, 1998. Accepted abstract shall be printed in the Booklet which will be made available to the delegates during the symposium.


Facilities for Poster

Facilities for poster display (board-100cm wide x 120cm high) will be available and ample time will be set aside for discussions.


The papers accepted for presentation at ISMV-98 ( both including oral and poster ) will be publised in a proceeding. The manuscript should be written on 6 pages DIN A-4, single spacing is suggested. Detailed instructions will be sent to the author(s) with the notification of acceptance of the abstract. All the papers will be subjected to a reviewing procedure before publication.



Submission of abstracts 31 March , 1998

Preliminary acceptance 15 May, 1998

Submission of full paper 30 July, 1998

Last Date for registration 31 August, 1998



The symposium will be held on 21 - 23 September, 1998 at Islamabd, Pakistan.


Registration Fee

Participants : Rs. 5000.00

Students : Rs. 2000.00


The fee covers morning, evening tea and lunch ( on symposium days only) and symposium proceedings. The payment is to be made via draft or money order payable to "Secretary International Symposium on Mechanical Vibrations". We do not offer accommodation to the local participations.





I intend to attend the ISMV-98M , 21-23 September, 1998, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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For Further information please contact:

Dr. M. Zubair Khan
Symposium Secretary
Dr. A.Q. Khan Research Labs.

G.P.O. Box No.905
 Rawalpindi 46000


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