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Defence Science & Technology Organization (DESTO)

The Defence Science & Technology Organization (DESTO) is located in Rawalpindi.

In early 2000 it was reported that DESTO had achieved a major breakthrough in ammunition technology by developing ammunition for 120 mm mortar.DESTO has indigenously developed and manufactured ammunition for 120 mm mortar which has almost doubled the range of conventional ammunition with very less cost effect. Foreign manufactures were demanding millions of dollars for transfer of technology, whereas DESTO developed this ammunition totally indigenously with no foreign collaboration or assistance. The scientists and engineers of this prestigious organisation have also developed and successfully fired base bleed technology ammunition. The foreign firms were as usually demanding millions in transfer of technology and machinery for the venture. In fact one firm demanded 100,000 dollars for supply of manufacturing standards documents only. The development in this field enhanced the range of all artillery ammunition up to 30 percent. Pakistan will be able to earn handsome profits from export of this sophisticated ammunition developed totally indigenously.

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