Technology Study Group for the Destruction of Abandoned Chemical Weapons
Outline of the first meeting

1. Date and Time
1st May 1998 (Friday) 14.00-16.00

2. Venue
Conference room( 3rd floor ), Prime Minister's Office

3. Attendance
Chairperson : Seigi HINATA( Director-General of the Abandoned Chemical Weapons Coordination Division, Councillor's Office on External Division, Cabinet Secretariat )
Members : Tomie AMARI, Yuji ENOMOTO, Shigeji KOSHI, Hiroaki SHIRAISHI, Masaru TANAKA, Mitsugu TANAKA, Shoji NAKAHARA, Shuzo FUJIWARA, Kouichi MIZUNO, Masatoshi MORITA

4. Agenda
(1) Outline of the issue of Abandoned Chemical Weapons
(2) Examples of destruction technology
(3) Schedule

5. Contents
(1) The Secretariat( Abandoned Chemical Weapons Coordination Division ) explained the issue of abandoned chemical weapons in China, the characteristics of abandoned weapons, tentative destruction schedule considered in accordance with CWC, and a background of setting up the Technology Study Group.
(2) The Secretariat explained current situation of foreign destruction facilities based on reports of research teams dispatched to the US and Europe. Questions and answers followed.
(3) Attached future schedule was acknowledged by the Group.

(provisional translation of press briefing material)

Schedule of the Technology Study Group
for the Destruction of Abandoned Chemical Weapons
May:Outline presentation and the work schedule
June:Assessment of the technical requirements for the first screening
Late June:Inviting the submission of technology proposals
Late August:Closing the submission of the proposals
Late September:First screening
Interim report
From October:Assessment of the technical requirements for the second screening
Second screening
Spring:Final report

* The above-mentioned schedule is tentative and subject to change.