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Israel Military Industries (IMI)

P.O.B. 1044,
Ramat Hasharon,
Israel 47100 
Tel: 972-3-5485617 
Fax: 972-3-5406908 

Israel Military Industries (IMI), an industrial/administrative conglomerate, is a Ministry-affiliated agency presently being converted into a State-owned enterprise. The IMI is the major manufacturer and supplier of weapons and ordnance for the IDF and the defense system. It employs thousands of workers in dozens of plants and operational units around the country, some in development areas. The IMI manufactures some of the world's most advanced weapons, ordnance, tactical systems, engines, and armaments. Founded in 1933, IMI's leading edge technology and products ranging from Satellite Boosters and advanced UAVs to External Fuel Tanks and Air to Ground Missiles have kept Israel at the forefront of modern weapon and defense system development.

Primary objectives include the manufacture and R&D of weapons, ordnance, weapons systems, and equipment for the defense system, and the maintenance of production capacity for the rapid replenishing of IDF stores during and after war. Secondary objectives are the manufacture and development of weapons, ordnance, and weapons systems for export, activity in the civilian metallurgical and chemicals industries, and operations in areas and places that do most to further the country's development.

IMI embraces nine specialty-based production sectors, each with several plants, in addition to staff divisions serving the entire system. The factories of IMI produce the Uzi submachinegun, the Galil rifle, explosives, propellants, artillery shells, and light ammunition. IMI also specialized in the upgrading and conversion of tanks and other armored vehicles.

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