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Technical Research Centre (TRC)

The Technical Research Center (TRC) was established in 1985 under an Iraqi intelligence agency, to which part of the BW programme was added in 1987. According to Iraq's account, the involvement of MOD in the BW programme ceased with the transfer of the biology group from Al-Muthanna to TRC which was under the control of MIC. Iraq asserts this MOD link was only re-established specifically for the deployment of weapons in January 1991. The explanation given is that MIC had a higher status than the MOD and was a self-contained entity that could progress from initiation to deployment of weapons without outside input.

Iraq states that the Director-General of the Technical Research Centre (TRC) reported to Hussain Kamel as head of the State Security Organ (SSO), rather than Military Industrial Commission (MIC). In spite of this, Iraq denied any interaction between the BW programme and any Iraqi intelligence agencies. The BW program remains an area wherein all involvement of Defence, Health or other agencies with MIC and TRC is denied. Evidence exists which contradicts this. Iraq claims that there was no support or organization involving the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and that there was no representation on the Military High Command and the General Council of Ministers concerning any aspect of the BW programme. [UNSCOM 08 April 1998]

The organizations driving or influencing the BW program have not been disclosed by Iraq to UNSCOM. There is a general lack of information concerning relevant organizational arrangements from the highest levels down and their connections to functional organs. All involvement of the Ministries of Defence, Health, Intelligence or other relevant agencies is denied by Iraq, contrary to the available evidence.

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