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Military Industrialization Board (MIB)

The military procurement system of Iraq, like the rest of the Government, was tightly controlled. At the top was the Council of Revolutionary Leadership, headed by Saddam Hussein and close family members. This was the center of power.

Below the council was the Military Industrialization Board [MIB] or Commission [MIC], which planned and oversaw the effort. This board was headed by Hussain Kamil, who was Saddam's son-in-law. Day-by-day operations were handled by the Ministry of Industry and Military Industrialization [MIMI].

MIMI used a modern programming-planning process to coordinate the complex task of meeting the foreign technology needs of the various military industrial facilities. The key organization within MIMI responsible for meeting the foreign equipment needs of the various Iraqi establishments was the Military Industrialization Board [MIB]. This Board or Commission had a division of research and development and a division of planning, continuity, and technology.

The MIB gathered equipment orders from various Iraqi factories and compiled a list of the needed equipment into a lengthy document or shopping list. For example a typical list would contain equipment and raw materials orders from several Iraqi weapons factories.

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