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Al-Hazen Ibn Al Haithem Institute

The Al-Hazen Ibn Al Haitham Institute (Al-Hazen Institute) was a BW and CW research institute sponsored by an Iraqi intelligence agency. There is a complete paucity of information on the Al-Hazen Ibn Al Haithem Institute, relationships between different organisations. The statement by Iraq of the lack of importance of the Al-Hazen Institute is not warranted. Iraq maintained that the Al-Hazen Institute was a complete failure, was totally liquidated, and had no relationship with or was, in anyway, continued into the BW programme. The Al-Hazen Institute had a formal personnel recruitment programme for its BW activities. [UNSCOM 08 April 1998]

The organizations driving or influencing the BW program have not been disclosed by Iraq to UNSCOM. There is a general lack of information concerning relevant organizational arrangements from the highest levels down and their connections to functional organs. All involvement of the Ministries of Defence, Health, Intelligence or other relevant agencies is denied by Iraq, contrary to the available evidence.

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