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Iranian Missiles

SCUD-B Shahab-1

Technical Details
Range (km) 285-330
CEP (m) 450
Diam. (m) 0.885
Height (m) 11.184
Launch Weight
or Mass (kg)
Stage Mass (kg) ~4,873
Dry Weight
Mass (kg)
Thrust (Kg f) Effective: 13,160
Actual: 13,300-13,380
Burn time (sec.) 62-64
Isp. (sec.) Effective: 62 - SL due to vanes
steering drag loss of 4-5 sec.
Actual: 230
Vac.: 271
Thrust Chamb. 1
Stages 1
Fuel TM-185
    20% Gasoline
    80% Kerosene
Oxidizer AK-27I
    27% N2O4
    73% HNO3
    Iodium Inhibitor
Propellant Mass (kg) 3,771-3,760
Warhead (kg) 987-1,000
Type Tactical

Iran is believed to have acquired four Soviet era design Scud-B (R-17) launchers and 54 missiles from Libya and Syria in 1985-86. The 280-330 km range of this missile permitted strikes around Baghdad, 130 km from the Iranian border. Tehran began using the Scuds against Iraq in their first firings during March 1985, and one analyst estimated that Iran fired fourteen Scuds at Iraqi cities during that year. Many more Scud-Bs were acquired, according to a detailed South Korean magazine report, in a $5 million armaments deal with North Korea. Among the items reportedly purchased were 90-100 Scud-B missiles. "The delivery of the missiles is believed to have begun immediately after the conclusion of the contract [June 1987] and was completed by the beginning of 1988" (Kugbanggwa Kisul, Sept. 1989, No.127, FBIS-EAS 29 Nov. 1989).

Another report claimed that in 1987 Iran received more than 200 Scuds directly from the Soviet Union. In return, the USSR was allegedly permitted to establish an electronic listening post in northern Iran. The high level of anti-Soviet rhetoric coming out of Iran in 1987 makes it seem doubtful that any missiles were transferred, directly at least, from Moscow to Tehran. That Iran did receive large numbers of Scuds is certain; in the "war of the cities" with Iraq from 1985 to 1988, Iran fired a number of Scud-B missiles variously estimated at between "nearly 100" and exactly 231 (Zaloga, "Ballistic missiles in the Third World").

According to the 1995 Jane's Intelligence Review - Special Report No. 6 on Iran's weapons, Iran's present missile inventory includes 15 transporter-erector-launchers and 250-300 Scud-Bs, all of which were bought from North Korea. Special Report No. 6 also concluded that North Korea helped build a "Scud Mod B" (280-330 km/1,000-700 kg) assembly plant in Iran in 1988, but that the plant apparently never manufactured any missiles. According to Flight International, of Nov. 20 1994 indicates Iran had become self sufficient in manufacturing its own Scud-B's. With---"production sites in Shiraz, Khorrambad, Parchin and Semnan."

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