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According to reports published in Russia, apparently based on information developed by the Russian Federal Security Service, facilities located at "Okaraman" is involved in the production of Scud missiles.

The NIMA GEOnet Names Server (GNS) is unware of the "Okaraman" placename and no amount of fun with phonetics seems to divulge any place even remotely resembling this named area of interest. There are about a dozen places named "Karamabad" and one named "Kherameh" and even "Mazraeh-ye Kheradmand" at 3123'38"N 5424'36"E [which at least sounds vaguely similar to "Okaraman" and is in an interesting neighborhood], but no placename sufficiently similar to the one provided by the source to warrant a guesstimate as to the standard name or actual location of this facility.

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