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Other Missile Facilities

A variety of poorly characterized facilities have been associated with Iran's missile program, although it is not presently possible to provide precise locations. A search of the NIMA GEOnet Names Server (GNS) fails to disclose entities with these place names . The most detailed and apparently least reliable reports of Iranís weapons programs are from the People's Mujahideen, a violent anti-regime group.

It is reported that by 1994 Iran had imported between 100 and 170 Scud-C missiles from North Korea. The DPRK had also reportedly provided associated tooling and assembly equipment installed at a plant near Hama. It is unclear whether this plant produces entire missiles, or whether it assembles imported knock-down kits supplemented with some indigenously manufactured components.

According to some reports, Iran has missile manufacturing facilities at plants near Islaker, Maghdad, Pairzan, Seman, and Shiraz. It is claimed that the companies building Scud missiles, including Defense Industries, Shahid, Bagheri Industrial Group, and Shahid Hemat Industrial Group, are also involved in Iran's production of chemical weapons.

It is reported that Iranís main missile test range near Shahroud is supported by a range telemetry station said to be located some 350 km south, at Taba along the Mashhad-Isfahan road. Both facilities are said to be operated by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

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