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3447'N? 5105'E ?

According to reports published in Russia, apparently based on information developed by the Russian Federal Security Service, a facility at Aliabad includes equipment for missile trial launches.

This particular Aliabad is not further identified, and since there are some 480 places with this name in the NIMA GEOnet Names Server (GNS) , the location of this facility remains obscure. The September 1997 military exercise code-named Zolfaqar, which included four divisions, two brigades, and two artillery groups, took place in in Aliabad, Qom (near Tehran). One might arbitrarily guess that this Aliabad is the same Aliabad at which the missile test facility is located, and further guess that this Aliabad is the one located at 3447'57"N 5105'05"E, but this is no more that a guesstimate in the absence of additional information.

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