AUTHOR:                  HAMMAM NASR



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IMI - Defense Trade Opportunities in Egypt


The Egyptian armed forces are currently trying to complete their
replacement of East European and former Soviet equipment with
modern Western systems.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year on the
purchase of sophisticated electronic and other equipment to
modernize the Egyptian army.  Although the annual budget of the
Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Military Production is
not known, it is estimated to be around $3 billion.  Egypt
receives about $1.3 billion every year as military assistance
from the U.S.

Egypt has 32 defense production plants which are supervised by
three government entities.  Several of these plants produce
civilian products, in addition to defense equipment or defense-related 
products, and are looking for additional opportunities to
produce under license.

Key Government Contacts.

1.  Ministry of Military Production
     5 Ismail Abaza Street, Dareeh Saad, Cairo
     Tel: 2-02-594-1589 & Fax: 20-2-594-1614
     Attn: H.E. Mr. Mohammed El Ghamrawi Dawoud, Minister

2.  Eng. Mostafa Giratallah
     Vice Chairman of the National Authority for Military
     5 Ismail Abaza Street, Dareeh Saad, Cairo
     Tel: 20-2-594-2662/3

This Ministry supervises 16 military factories, of which 14 are
producing both civilian goods and military products.

The civilian products produced in these factories include:
medical and diagnostic equipment; domestic appliances; fire
extinguishers; machine shop equipment including lathes, drills,
grinders, generating and welding sets; electric motors;
television receivers; computers; batteries; electric and water
meters; electronic meters; agricultural machinery; kitchen
equipment; water purifiers; printed circuit boards; laser
alignment instruments; calibration equipment; passenger cars;
single engine aircraft for training and transportation; fire-fighting 
vehicles; microscopes and binoculars; incinerators; and
medical diagnostic equipment.

1. The military factories affiliated with the Ministry of
Military Production are:

     1.  Helwan Iron Foundries (Factory 9)
          Ein Helwan, Helwan, P.O.Box: Helwan El-Hammamat, Cairo
          Attn: Dr. Eng. Nabil Al-Hosaini Awad Amer, Chairman
          Tel: 20-2-555-2257/55-2264 & Fax: 2-02-555-2260/3
          Telex: 24276 MSBK UN
     Military products: casting of hematite iron, grey iron, and
     Civilian products: same as the above, in addition to
precision casting.

     2.  Abu-Kir Company for Engineering Industries (Factory 10)
          Abu-Kir, Alexandria, Egypt
          Attn: Eng. Maher Abdel Gawad Ismail, Chairman
          Tel: 20-3-560-1410/1378/530-3631 & Fax: 20-3-560-3392
          Telex: 541169 UN
     Military products: Small arms and ammunition
     Civilian products: Shotgun cartridges, smi-automatic bakery
lines, food cans, aerosol containers, aluminum containers.

     3.  Abu Zaabal for Specialized Chemicals (Factory 18)
          Abu Zaabal el Balad, Heliopolis, Cairo
          Attn: Dr. Eng. Al Amier Adel Abdelkader, Chairman
          Tel: 20-2-469-8936/469-8957 & Fax: 20-2-469-8936
          Telex: 92283 UN
     Military products: Explosives, propellants, mortar chargers,
and rocket motors
     Civilian products: Dynamite, industrial nitro-cellulose,
sodium toluene sulphonate, potassium chlorate, shotgun powder,
hydrogenated oils, blasting services.

     4.  Shobra Company for Engineering Industries (Factory 27)
          Teret El-Ismailia road, P.O.Box: 11241 Magd El-Eslam,
Shobra, Cairo
          Attn: Eng. Hamdy Lotfi Ibrahim Al-Gayar, Chairman
          Tel: 20-2-426-7716/7709/12 & Fax: 20-2-426-7710
          Telex: 93338 MANSY UN
     Military products: Small arms ammunition, anti tank rockets.
     Civilian products: Electric motors, electric fans, electric
switches and sockets

     5.  El Maasara Company for Engineering Industries
          (Factory 45)
          P.O. Box: 11713 Cairo
          Attn: Dr. Eng. Hafez Abdel Motagally, Chairman
          Tel: 20-2-369-7445/7615/7873 & Fax: 20-2-369-6025
          Telex: 94357 UN
     Military products: Signal Pistol, commando's blade daggers
and axes
     Civilian Products: Water meters; Electric meters;
Fastners;Bolts & Nuts and Incinerators.

     6.  Maadi Company for Engineering Industries (Factory 54)
          Corniche El Nil, P.O. Box: 414 Maadi, Cairo
          Attn: Dr. Eng. Mohammed Abdelrehiem, Chairman
          Tel: 20-2-350-2715/4008 & Fax: 20-2-350-1855
          Telex: 92267 NOMP UN
     Military products: Rifles, pistols, and machine guns.
     Civilian Products: Radiators, sewing machines, medical and
surgical instruments, general cutting tools, oil coolers,
agricultural machines, shotguns, air rifles, meat mincers,
scissors, kitchen knives, and wooden furniture.

     7.  Helwan Company for Non-Ferrous Industries (Factory 63)
          Ein Helwan, Helwan, P.O. Box: 11726 Cairo
          Attn: Eng. Ahmed Azmi, Chairman
          Tel: 20-2-555-9713/8/09 & Fax: 20-2-555-9718
          Telex: 92461 UN
     Military products: Brass casting for ammunition.
     Civilian products: Irrigation sprinklers, aluminum foils,
brass, copper and aluminum brass, sections, strips, plates,
tubes, blocks, castings, sheets, wires and cables, water    
combinations, aluminum tea pots, copper tables, insulated
electric wires, copper and aluminum cables, and conductors.

     8.  Heliopolis Company for Chemical Industries (Factory 81)
          Haykstep, P.O.Box: 11 Heliopolis, Cairo
         Attn: Eng. Mohammed Awni Abdelhamied
          Tel: 20-2-281-0898/0838 & Fax: 20-2-281-0828/58
          Telex: 92708 UN
     Military products: Ammunition for tanks, artillery and
mortars, antitank mines, hand grenades, fuses, and high
     Civilian products: Formaldehyde and hexamine paints, safety
and detonating fuses, rubber and plastic products, and adhesives.

     9.  Helwan Company for Engineering Industries (Factory 99)
          Ein Helwan, Helwan, P.O. Box: 11726 Cairo
          Attn: Eng. Mohammed Abdelhamed Hassn, Chairnman
          Tel: 20-2-555-2380/3/9 & Fax: 20-2-555-2383/94
          Telex: 93430 HAMAM UN
     Military products: Metal components for heavy ammunition.
     Civilian products: Fire extinguishers, gasoline pumps,
automatic balances, pressure  cookers, stainless steel cooking
pots, gas bottlers, gas regulators, cutlery, pistons,  piston
rings, cylinders.

     10.  Abuzaabal Company for Engineering Industries
            ( Factory 100)
            P.O. Box: 5888 Heliopolis West, Cairo
           Attn: Eng. Farouk Atalla Abdel Mohdi, Chairman
           Tel: 20-2-469-5222/5333 & Fax: 20-2-469-1228/5333
           Telex: 22595 UN
     Military products: Explosives powder, industrial explosives,
     Civilian Products: Paints, inks, varnish, buity products,
potassium chlorate, and anasthtic  ether.

     11. Banha Company for Electronic Industries (Factory 144)
         Atrieb, Banha, Kaliobia 13779
         Attn: Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ibrahim Shedied, Chairman
         Tel: 2-013-222-891/447 & Fax: 2-013-224-237
         Telex: 92360 UN
     Military products: Radars and electronic equipment.
     Civilian products: Television receivers, radios, TV
antennas, and personal computers.

     12.  Kaha Company for Chemical Industries (Factory 270)
           Kaha, Kalioub, P.O.Box: 2332 Cairo
           Attn: Chemist Mohammed Sabry Hassan El-Shazli,
           Tel: 20-13-600-441/300 & Fax: 20-13-600-191/788
           Telex: 4439 KAHAC UN
     Military products: Medium-caliber ammunition, rifles, and
machine guns.
     Civilian products: Electric meters, water meters, ball
bearings, bolts and nuts, degreasing solutions, phosphating
solutions, and axle boxes.

     13.  Helwan Company for Metallic Appliances (Factory 360)
            Potarf, Helwan, Cairo
           Attn: Eng. Tarek Nada, Chairman
           Tel: 20-2-556-1805/1709 & Fax: 20-2-556-2983
           Telex: 22561 HCMA UN
     Military products: Metallic components for mines.
     Civilian products: Gas rings, gas ovens, solar water
heaters, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners.

     14.  Helwan Company for Diesel Engines (Factory 909)
           Shobra El-Khaima, Road 15
           P.O. Box: 33, Diwan Helwan
           Attn: Eng. Farouk Mohammed Shalash, Chairman
           Tel: 20-2-555-3845/578-8840 & Fax: 20-2-220-2513/760-523
           Telex: 93448 UN / 22298 UN
     Military products: Diesel engines.
     Civilian products: Diesel engines, generating sets, welding      
sets, pumping sets, bearing shells, compressed air sets, and
tractor engines.

     15.  Helwan Company for Workshop Tools (Factory 999)
           Ein Helwan, P.O.Box: 11726 Cairo
           Attn: Eng. Mohammed Mahmoud Abdel Fattah Taha,
           Tel: 20-2-555-6800/2561 & Fax: 20-2-555-2548
           Telex: 92737 HAMTCO UN
     Military products: Mortars.
     Civilian products: Lathes, drilling machines, grinders, wood
sawing machines, shapers, milling machines, automatic and semi
automatic bakery lines, agricultural machinery and equipment.

     16. Tanks Production and Repaire Company
           Belbais Road, Cairo
           Attn: Eng. Nabil Ahmed Sayed Maaz, Chairman
           Tel: 20-2-281-8020
     Military production: M1A1 military tanks and other armored
     Civilian products: None so far.

2. The Military Factories affiliated with:

     Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI)
     Ramsis Street, Abbasia Square, Nasr City, P.O. Box: 770
     Marshal (R). Salah Halabi, Chairman
     Tel: 20-2-591-6541/482-8226 & Fax: 20-2-482-6010

     Eng. Mohammed Hassan El Khateeb, Managing Director
     Tel: 20-2-282-4271/483-1305 Fax: 20-2-401-2583

AOI supervises nine military factories which are producing
civilian goods as well as military products.  Four years ago the
owners of AOI were Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab
Emirates.  Saudi Arabia and the Emirates gave back to Egypt their
shares in AOI in 1993, valued at $1.8 billion.  AOI now is
entirely owned by the government of Egypt.

The factories affiliated with AOI are:

     1.  Aircraft Factory (AOI)
          Helwan El Hammamat, Helwan, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-555-9562 & Fax: 20-2-555-3946
          Attn: Eng. Ahmed Mohammed El Sayed Ahmed, Chairman
     Production: Fighter jets and training aircraft; parts and
components of the Mirage 2000 in addition to the falcon 50 and
the Brazilian Tucano.

     2.  Engine Factory (AOI)
          Helwan El Hammamat, P.O. Box 12 Helwan, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-781-088/781-318 & Fax: 20-2-781-236/781-107
          Attn: Gen: Yousry Ahmed Abu Amer, Chairman
     Production: The factory designs, produces and tests the
Larzac 04 turbofan engine used in  advanced Alphajet training
aircraft in cooperation with the French company Sncma.  This is
in addtion to repairing and overhauling operations.

     3.  Electronics Factory (AOI)
          2 El Tayaran Street, Nasr City, P.O. Box 84,
Heliopolis, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-418-1051 & Fax: 20-2-418-2480
          Attn: Eng. Mohammed Kamel Abdel Fattah Labena, Chairman
     Production: Electronis reqired for the aircraft, for the
guided missiles, radar pars and equipments, and computers.

     4.  Sakr Factory for Development Industries (AOI)
          KM 4.5 Cairo/Suez Road, Almaza
          P.O. B.o.x: 33 Heliopolis, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-290-2414 & Fax: 20-2-290-1978/1210
          Attn: Eng. Gen. Farouk Ahmed Abdel Hamied Fayed,
     Production: Infraredguided missiles, artillery rockets, anti
tank weapons, CNC machines.

     5.  Kader Factory for Development Industries (AOI)
          2 El Tayaran Street, Nasr City, P.o. box 287
     Heliopolis, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-402-4319/4324/4325/403-6972/401-6984 & Fax:
          Attn: Gen. Wasfi Abdel Hamid, Chairman
     Production: Al Gumhouria training aircraft, tucano aircraft,
aircraft bombs, Fahd 4 by     4 and 6 by 6 armoured vehicle, and
120 mm caliber mortars for the M 106 vehicle.

     6.  Arab British Helicopters Co. (AOI)
          Helwan Factory for Developed Industries
          Helwan El Hammamat, P.O. Box 73 Helwan No. 11421, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-783-316/783-285
          Attn: Dr. Eng. Salah El-Din Zaki Hussein Zaid, Chairman
     Production: Production of helicopters and overhauling of
their engines.

     7.  Aarab British Engine Co. (ABECO) (AOI)
          Helwan, P.O.Box: 71 Helwan, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-783-622/783-208/788-029 & Fax: 20-2-789-652
          Attn: Eng. Gen. Abdel Meguid Ibrahim Sayed Dawoud,
     Production: Production of the ASTAZOU - H14 engine of the
Gazell helicopter, the T.V.2  engine used in the M1-8 aircraft.
Cooperate with Rolls Royce in assembling, repair and   overhauling 
of helicopter engines.

     8.  Arab British Dynamics Co. ABD (AOI)
          KM 4.5 Cairo Suez Road, Almaza
 2444 El Horria Heliopolis, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-290-2701 & 20-2-290-8726
          Attn: Eng. Sayed Azzam, Chaiman
     Production: Testing and mounting of swing fire rockets on
jeeps, TOW launchers.

     9.  Arab American Vehicle (AAV)
          Kilometer 4 Cairo Ismailia desert road, Cairo
          Tel: 20-2-290-8760 & Fax: 20-2-290-3562/418-2477
          Attn: Eng. Fathi Ibrahim Ali Shal, Chairman
     Production: Production of passenger cars jeep ranglers, 4 by
4 chirokee.....

3. The companies affiliated with:

     National Service Products Organization (NASPO)
     10 Mahmoud Talaat Street, Nasr City, Cairo
     Maj. Gen. Sayed Abdou Mostafa Mashaal, Director General
     Tel: 20-2-402-0177/263-1496 & Fax: 20-2-402-4203

NASPO operates three companies that manufacturs military and
civilian products.  Naspo also provide contracting services.

The factories affiliated with NASPO are:

     1.  El Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals
          El Mohawelat Road, off Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road
          Km 28
          Attn: Gen. Aly Sabri, Chairman
          Tel: 20-2-539-0106/7/8 & Fax: 20-2-539-0109
          Telex: 20274 UN
     Company Production: Intermediate chemicals; incecticides and
fertilizers; house insect insecticides; industrial gases;   
cosmetics and other aerosol products.

     2.  Arab International Obtronics
          Al Salam Street, Al Salam City, Cairo
          Attn: Gen. Nabil Ahmed Mohammed Amer, Chairma.
          Tel: 20-2-280-6078/9 & Fax: 20-2-280-6077
          Telex: 93509 AIO UN

     Company Production:
     A) Military: Weapon sights; night observation devices;
articulated telescopic laser  range-finders, hand held laser
range-finders; aiming circles; and various types of binoculars
and  periscopes.
     B) Civilian: Microscopes.

     3. El-Nasr Company for Services and Maintenance
        (Queen Service)
        Head office: 10th of Ramadan City
        Cairo office: 21st El Nasr Road, El Gabal El Akhdar
Buildings, Nasr City,
        P.O. Box: 4536 Cairo
        Attn: Gen. Fawzi Khalil, Chairman.
        Tel: 20-2-284-9933/9 and 284-4550/1 & Fax: 20-2-284-9929
        Telex: 94361 UN
     Services provided by the company include: Security;
maintenance works for electrical and water networks; purging
works; automobile service stations; vocational training.

Major military products manufactured in Egypt.

Military goods produced in Egypt include: Small caliber and heavy
ammunition, mortars, mines, grenades and other explosives,
antitank rockets, rocket mortars, radars and other electronic
equipment, rifles, pistols, smoke and pyrotechnic devices,
machine guns, training aircraft including jet aircraft and
helicopters, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, alpha
jet engines, communications equipment, aircraft communications
equipment, gyroscopes, tanks, weapon sights, binoculars,
periscopes, and some infrared night vision binoculars, ships, and

The size of the defense budget is not released by the Egyptian
government.  However, various publications estimate defense
expenditures to be around US$ 3 billion annually, of which the
U.S. government provides about $1.2 billion in the form of
military grants.  This year the U.S. Government will reduce $50
million from this military grant to be forwarded to the Jordanian

The Egyptian armed forces are continuing the task of replacing
their East European and ex-Soviet Union equipment with modern
U.S. / western systems.

The Egyptian armed forces tightly control the information about
their five-year defense plans and budgets.  It is likely that
they will be interested in purchasing the following equipment to
complete the modernization of their armed forces:

1.  Additional F-16 aircraft
2.  Additional air defense systems
3.  Additional air defense radars
4.  Additional scout vehicles
5.  Armored personnel carriers
6.  Additional Apache aircraft
7.  Additional cargo aircraft
8.  Upgrading of strategic communications systems
9.  Upgrading of air defense systems and network
10. RPV Systems
11. Mine hunters
12. GPS equipment
13. Navigational equipment
14. Electronic equipment for training centers
15. Various types of simulators
16. Spare parts for the F-16s, F-4s, E2-Cs, CH-47s, C-130s,
Apaches, Chinooks, and Black Hawks
17. Spare parts for the M1A1 tanks, M60 tanks, M113 APCs, M109A2
artillery, M88 recovery vehicles
18. Spare parts for TPS-63 and other air defense radars,
maintenance support for the Hawk, Chaparral, and Sparrow missiles
and air defense systems
19. Modern anti-tank weapons
20. Frequency hopping radars
21. Submarines
22. Perry class frigates
23. Coastal patrol crafts
24. Night vision equipment
25. Anti-submarine weapons and systems

Military and defense related equipment are financed by the
Egyptian government with both donor funds and Egypt's national
defense budget.  U.S. foreign military financing provides about
$1.2 billion annually.

The Egyptian budgeted funds which come from the national fund of
Egypt, finance other police  purchases such as security products
from international manufacturers from all-over the world.

According to Egyptian Law No. 9 of 1983, foreign companies
interested in participating in civilian government tenders can
quote through their registered Egyptian commercial agents.
However, agents cannot participate and cannot be used by foreign
firms to bid on military tenders.  This is because commercial
commissions are totally prohibited on military sales.
However, consultants or service companies are permitted to
follow-up on sales to the military and provide services.  Many
retired military officers operate such legal businesses as
consultants and servicing companies to foreign suppliers of
defense equipment to the Ministry of Defense.

Sales to the Ministry of Interior and the Police Forces can be
made through agents.  Following is the address of the Central
Purchasing Office for the Police Forces:

Ministry of Interior
Lazougly, Cairo
Attn: Maj.Gen. Ahmad Keshk, Deputy Minister for Planning and
Financial Affairs
Tel: 20-2-354-7001/355-7700 & Fax: 20-2-355-1975

Bidders should bear in mind that there is no time limit for the
decision-making committees to meet, make, or announce their
decision.  This means that bidders would have to pay for any
renewals of their bid bonds until the tender is awarded.
Withdrawal from a competition involves losing the bid bond.

Information on the requirements by the Ministry of Defense can be
obtained from the Office of the Military Attache at the Egyptian
Embassy in Washington, or from the Egyptian Procurement Office
(EPO) of the Armament Authority, Ministry of Defense.

Following are the contact persons and addresses of the Egyptian
Military Attache and the EPO:

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
3521 International Court, N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
Attn: Maj. Gen. Hazem Awad, Military Attche
Tel: (202) 895-5400 & Fax: (202) 244-4319

Egyptian Procurement Office (EPO)
5500 16th Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20011
Attn: Maj. Gen. Hazem Awad
Tel: (202) 726-8006/7/8 & Fax: (202) 291-6909 or 828-4909

Information on the requirements by the Ministry of Defense may
also be available at:

Office of Land Forces & Military Cooperation
American Embassy, Cairo
Unit 64901, Box: 29
APO AE 09839-4901
Attn: Lt. Col. Jefry Lawn
Tel: 20-2-357-3844 & Fax: 20-2-357-2273

Following are the best known U.S. suppliers of military and
defense equipment to the Egyptian Ministry of Defense:

AAI Corporation: combat vehicle development
Alcan Hughes: tow missile program
Aliant Tech: ammunition
Allison Transmission: transmissions
Bell Helicopters: helicopters and its maintenance
BMY: combat vehicle
CACI: machinery and automation support
Chamberlain Manufacturing: ammunition
Develop Science Corporation: Skyeye RPV
Devileg-Sundstrand, Inc.: machine tools
Detroit Diesel: engines and parts
Emerson Electronics: Optical depots
Environmental Technical Group: NBC equipment
FMC: combat vehicles
Ford Aerospace: communications and air defense systems
General Electric: radars
GTE: electronics
Grumman Aerospace: aircraft
Harris Corp.: electronic systems and TOW missiles
ITT Defense: electronic systems
Lockheed Martin: aircraft, radars, smart munitions and
Loral: electronics
Oshkosh: heavy vehicles
Pratt and Whitney: aircraft engines
Raytheon: air defense systems
Teledyne-Brown Eng.: engineering support
Texas Instruments: thermal sights
Textron: technical support
Westinghouse: torpedoes, radars, and electronics
Northrop: air defense systems and radars
McDonnell-Douglas: aircraft
BOIENG: helicopters
Bushmaster Firearms: rifles and launchers


Following are Egyptian companies operating as consultants and
service providers for military, defense, and police requirements:
     1.  ALKAN Establishment
        2 Messaha Square, Dokki, Cairo
        Attn: Mr. Mohammed Nossair, President
        Mr. Hussain Fahmy, Vice President
        Tel: 20-2-349-0140 & Fax: 20-2-349-9253
        Tlx: 93644 alkan un

     2. Aerospace Consult
        46 Bahgat Aly Street, Zamalek, Cairo
        Attn: Mr. Hassan El Guindi
        Tel: 20-2-341-2159 & Fax: 20-2-341-1226

     3. Alhosam
        37 El Giza Street, Giza, Cairo
        Attn: Mr. Hosam El-Bashari and Mr. Mohammed El Bashari
        Tel: 20-2-572-9437 & Fax: 20-2-712-851

     4. Mitrage
        7 El Gezira El Wusta Street, Zamalek, Cairo
        Attn: Mr. Rafik Nafe
        Tel: 20-2-340-1201/341-1344 & Fax: 20-2-340-1439

     5. Aerospatial
        5 Dar El Shefa Street, Garden City, Cairo
        Attn: Mr. Mohammed Farahat
        Tel: 20-2-354-8671/354-2647 & Fax: 20-2-355-7317
        Tlx: 92447 AISPA UN

     6. Commercial Advisory Group (CAG)
        116 Nozha Street, Heliopolis, Cairo
        Attn: Mr. Omar Fattouh
        Tel: 20-2-672-158

     7. Scramble Consultants
        7 Mahmoud Afifi Street, Heliopolis, Cairo
        Attn: Mr. Kadry Abdel Hamid
        Tel: 20-2-414-8080/418-9290 & Fax: 20-2-418-8080

     8. Mitcon
         15 El Maahad El Eshtiraki St., Heliopolis, Cairo
         Attn: Mr. Hani El Shami & Hazem Kamel
         Tel: 20-2-259-1767 & Fax: 20-2-259-8478

     9. High Technology Systems (High-Tech)
         28 Mohy Eldin Aboulez Street,  P.O. Box: 59
Mohandesseen, Mohandesseen, Giza
         Attn: Dr. Mohammed Nofal
         Tel: 20-2-349-1051/360-9889 & Fax: 20-2-348-6278

     10. Dinac Co.
           3 Nasr Street, 4th Floor, P.O.Box:8088
           Masaken Nasr City, Heliopolis, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Bassiouni El Abd
           Tel: 20-2-261-9953/7 & Fax: 20-2-261-9956/9

     11. Triangle Trading and Engineering
           48 El Sawra Street, Dokki, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Mohammed A. El Tawil
           Tel: 20-2-336-0353/8 & Fax: 20-2-336-2570

     12. Sitco
           18 Abdel Monem Riad Street, Mohandesseen, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Mohab Sousa
           Tel: 20-2-349-2824/700-910 & Fax: 20-2-348-3065

     13. Almona
           10 Hassouna Street, Heliopolis, cairo
           Attn: Mr. Seifallah Fahmy
           Tel: 20-2-415-7029/24 & Fax: 20-2-403-9284

     14. Donia Trading Company
           30 Zoheir Sabry Street, Nasr City, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Donia
           Tel: 20-2-263-8925/241-7040 & Fax: 20-2-263-1281

     15. Artoc Group
           15 Giza Street, Giza, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Shafik Gabr
           Tel: 20-2-570-1780 & Fax: 20-2-570-1500

     16. Air Industries
           15 Modoriet El Tahrir Street, Garden City, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Amr Abdel Sabour Kabil
           Tel: 20-2-354-7741 & Fax: 20-2-356-0305

     17. Atef Badawy Consultants
           11 Mohammed Ali El Bakry Street, Heliopolis, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Atef Badawy
           Tel: 20-2-245-0322 & Fax: 20-2-245-3946

     18. Shaspoco
           17 Ishak Yaacoub Street, P.O.Box: 2491 Heliopolis,
           Attn: Mr. Fouad Sultan
           Tel: 20-2-291-7066/418-4036/290-0506 & Fax: 20-2-290-6207

     19. United Consultants Conglomerate (UCC)
           9 El Hadayek Street, Maadi, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Aly Soliman and Mr. Mohsen Hamdi
           Tel: 20-2-350-2028 & Fax: 20-2-350-4282

     20. United Consultants Group (UCG)
           31 Officers Building, Nozha Street, Heliopolis, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Abdelfattah Khalifa
           Tel: 20-2-418-1635 & Fax: 20-2-417-7287

     21. High-Tech Trade and Industries
           5 Al Obour Buildings, Salah Salem Road, Nasr City,
           Attn: Mr. Mohammed Abdel Moneim Afifi
           Tel: 20-2-401-0579 & Fax: 20-2-403-4555

     22. TOCAI
           House 18, El Forsan Buildings, Behined Sheraton
Heliopolis, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Nader Sherief
           Tel: 20-2-266-0115 & Fax: 266-1430

     24. El Guindy Company for Trading & Importation
           59 El Zahraa Street, Mohandesseen, Dokki, Cairo
           Attn: Gen. (R) Hussain El Guindy
           Tel: 20-2-349-5024/360-0624 & Fax: 20-2-361-1512

     25. East West Connection
           12 Soliman Abaza Street, Mohandesseen, Dokki, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Khaled Abdelghaffar
           Tel: 20-2-337-3914/361-3484 & Fax: 20-2-349-7502

     26. OTS International Co. For Technical and Consulting
           13 El Obour Buildings, Salah Salem Road, Heliopolis,
           Attn: Mr. Yousri Hamdan and Mr. Amr Hamdan
           Tel: 20-2-402-2165 & Fax: 20-2-262-9332

     27. Cairo International Trade Company
           3 Ebn Manzour Street, Manshiet El Bakry, Heliopolis,
           Attn: Mr. Ibrahim Fayad or Mr. Elham Gebrail
           Tel: 20-2-291-0846/415-6202 & Fax: 20-2-290-4401/287-5622

     28. Royal Crown Limited
          4 Mohammed Mazloum Street, Anwar Wagdy Building, Bab El
Louk, Cairo
           Attn: Mr. Alaa El Salamoni
            Tel: 20-2-395-5555 & Fax: 20-2-395-0000

The Commercial Service in Egypt, which produced this report,
would be pleased to assist any company interested in pursuing the
opportunities identified and would also appreciate being advised
of any business relationship or sales that may develop as a
result of subsequant contacts.

The Commercial Service, American Embassy Cairo, Unit 64900,
Box 11, APO AE 09839-4900; telephone (011-20-2) 357-2230/2340, or
fax: (011-20-2) 355-8368.
End of report.

Prepared by: Hammam Nasr

Source: U. S. Department of Commerce - National Trade Data Bank, December 22, 1999