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North Korean Missiles

Hwasong 5 / Scud-B

The Pyongyang government received Frog-7s and 60-km range Frog-5 tactical rockets from the Soviet Union in 1969. When the Soviets furnished the North with rockets, they also provided high-explosive shell warheads, but North Korea developed chemical projectile warheads for the Frog-5 and Frog-7A. Reportedly, Scud-B missiles were received from Egypt in mid-1976, in return for North Korean assistance to Egypt in the Yom Kippur War. North Korea is now thought to be producing Scuds indigenously and to have exported their own version to Iran during the Gulf War. North Korea provided some assistance to Egypt in establishing indigenous production of a Scud clone. Chemical and bacteriological missile warhead development is also being pursued in the Scud-B missile [production] program. The DPRK arsenal is believed to have at least 12-15 Scud launchers.
Technical Details
Range (km) 285-330
CEP (m) 450
Diam. (m) 0.885
Height (m) 11.184
L. W. (kg) 5,860
Stage Mass (kg) ~4,873
D. W. (kg) ~1,100-1,110
Thrust (Kg f) Effective: 13,160
Actual: 13,300-13,380
Burn time (sec.) 62-64
Isp. (sec.) Effective: 62 - SL due to vanes
steering drag loss of 4-5 sec.
Actual: 230
Vac.: 271
Thrust Chamb. 1
Stages 1
Fuel TM-185
    20% Gasoline
    80% Kerosene
Oxidizer AK-27I
    27% N2O4
    73% HNO3
    Iodium Inhibitor
Propellant Mass (kg) 3,771-3,760
Warhead (kg) 987-1,000
Type Tactical

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