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N3903? E12639?

On 20 October 1993, a test of a triggering device for a nuclear weapon was conducted in the mountains in Yomsogol, Sokam-ri [Sogam-ri], Pyongwon County, South Pyongan Province. The mock experiment was conducted in the presence of nuclear development experts under the supervision of the "Nuclear-Chemical Defense Bureau" which is under the direct control of the General Staff of the Ministry of People's Armed Forces. The mock nuclear test was to test the triggering device and the plutonium 238 which was extracted for a nuclear weapon developed by the Nuclear Defense Department in the nuclear complex in Yongbyon. According to another version, the experiment exploded a mock experimental bomb to observe its explosive sound, the flash of light, heat, and the formation of a mushroom cloud.

This information is based on statements by Yi Chung-kuk, 26, who defected from North Korea in March 1994.

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