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3945'00"N 12615'00"E

The Tokch'on Motor Plant in Tokch'on-Kun, South Pyongan Province, and the Maram Kaengsaeng Plant located close to Pyongsong City and Pyongayang City, South Pyongan Province, are the only motor vehicle production bases in North Korea. Tractors are produced at the Kumsong Tractor Plant, Chollima District of Namp"o City, and the Pukchung Machinery Enterprise in Yongch'on-Kun, North Pyongan Province. The Tokch'on Motor Plant has started producing improved versions of the Sungli-58 freight trucks (2.5-ton), T'aebaeksan (hauling capacity of 6 tons, production stopped in 1981), and Chaju (hauling capacity of 30 tons) for the military. It is reported that these have been converted into vehicles for the delivery of warhead missiles and mobile missile launchers.

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