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N3937' E12418'

Kusong in North Pyongan Province is a significant military industrial area, with many secret munitions plants standing roof-to-roof. North Korean uranium mines are located in Kusong in North Pyongan province, Pyongsan in North Hwanghae province, and Sunchon in South Pyongan province.

In late 1998 it was reported that satellite photos show that high explosive tests, a preparatory step to produce detonators for nuclear weapons, have been conducted in a valley in Kusong, some 30km northwest of Yongbyon. The Kusong complex was said to include a factory that produces detonators, warehouses and a test site. North Korea reportedly built a high explosives test site, which is essential to nuclear weapons development, in a valley between T'aech'on County and Kusong County in North P'yongan Province, and has conducted three to four high explosives tests.

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