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N3954' E12732'
February 8th Vinalon Complex
University of Chemical Industry
Academy of Defense Science [Hamhung Branch]

North Korea has at least eight industrial facilities that can produce chemical agents; however, the production rate and types of munitions are uncertain. Presumably one or more of the agents [sarin, tabun, phosgene, adamsite, prussic acid and a family of mustard gases] comprising the basis of North Korean chemical weapons are produced at the February 8th Vinalon Complex, probably blister and nerve agent precursors.

A pesticide plant in Hamhung started operating in September, 1989. North Korea claims it produces non-poisonous, good quality pesticides. Its products include (chlorochanol), DM chloride, and simazine, materials that can be diverted for making chemical weapons.

The Academy of Defense Science [Hamhung Branch] is one of at least four chemical weapons research and development facilities, and there is speculation that the University of Chemical Industry [formerly the Hamhung University of Chemical Industry] may have some connection with chemical technology associated with the North Korean nuclear weapons program.

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