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2nd Economic Committee

The 2nd Economic Committee, which is in charge of its defense industry, is run by the Party Central Committee. In the Party Central Committee, Secretary Chun Byung-ho is in charge of the defense industry and runs the Department of Machinery Industry. The 2nd Economic Committee is located in Kangdongkun of Pyongyang, and consists of eight General Bureaus and one bureau, the 2nd National Science Institute, and one trading company for material. The the committee is divided into bureaus by the types of weapons:

The No. 2 Economic Committee of the Worker's Party oversees all production activity. The military keeps track of consumption and demand while the government delivers electricity and necessary raw materials. The No. 2 Economic Committee was created in the seventies by merging all offices and bureaus related to arms production scattered under various departments of the Administrative Council. The committee has entire production plants under its management for production of small-arms, ships, and even aircraft. The committee also takes a leading role in development of new equipment as well as export and import of arms. Even civilian manufacturing plants operating under the Administrative Council are obligated to set aside workspace for production of small arms and their parts, the production of which is supervised by the No. 2 Economic Committee.

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