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M-7 / 8610

The M-7 missile, also known as the "8610 project," has a range of 180 kilometers with a throw-weight of 500 kilograms. It is generally similar to the American "Lance" and the Russian SS-21 missiles. While its range is longer than these missiles, its warhead capacity is somewhat smaller. Although the other M-series missiles use solid fuel, this missile is derived from the HQ-2 SAM [the Chinese version of the Russia SA-2 GUIDELINE] which uses a storable liquid propellant. As with the other M-series missiles, the M-7's operational preparation time is short, and it is transported by highly-mobile cross- country trucks which have the capacity to launch the missiles.

The HQ-2 was originally designed as a high-altitude SAM, derived from the Soviet SA-2. The total number of HQ-2 missiles produced is unknown, but the HQ-2 is being retired with some being converted to short-range surface-to-surface missile called M-7.


ContractorChina Chang Feng Mechanics and Electronics Technology - CCF
OperatorSecond Artillery Corps
ConfigurationSingle Stage
Length [meters]
Diameter [meters]
Mass [kilograms]
PropellantStorable Liquid
First Flight19
Range (km)
Re-entry Vehicle Mass (kg)
Warhead Yield)
CEP (meters)

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