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DF-11 / M-18

The M-18 [DF-11] is the Chinese replacement for the Scud-series of missiles. It was originally shown at the 1987 Beijing air show as a two-stage missile with 1000 kms range carrying a 400-500 kilogram payload. This M-18 missile had the longest range of any of the current M-series missiles. According to some reports the four missiles launched by the Second Artillery Corps on 13 March 1996 were not of the M-9 type, as widely reported, but actually missiles of the M-18 type launched from "No. 2054" base in Hunan Province.

Due to MTCR considerations, China exported the M-11 system variant to Pakistan as a single-stage, solid-fueled missile with a range of 120-295 kms carrying a 500 kg (or perhaps 800 kg) warhead. Although the DF-11 has a range of 300 km, the Chinese may be continuing working on the version with a longer range. The accuracy of these missiles will improve in the future if China is able to apply Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance technology. The M-series missiles all use solid fuel, and operational preparation time is short. They are all transported by highly-mobile cross- country trucks which have the capacity to launch the missiles.


ContractorAcademy of Rocket Motors Technology - ARMT
OperatorSecond Artillery Corps
ConfigurationTwo Stage
Length [meters]
Diameter [meters]
Mass [kilograms]
First Flight19??
Range (km)1,000-1,200
Re-entry Vehicle Mass (kg)400-500
Warhead Yieldconventional
Lethal Radius
[soft target]
10 meters [crater]
60 meters [unitary]
250 meters [submunition]
CEP (meters)200

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