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Under the Sino-Soviet agreement on cooperation in the period of 1957-1962, the Soviet Union transferred training and combat models, licenses and technical documentation for the production of R-1 (SS-1) and R-2 (SS-2) ground-based operational-tactical ballistic missiles and R-11F sea-launched ballistic missiles. Which rockets the USSR shipped to China prior to the break in 1960 is unclear, but they probably included the SS-2 Siblings. The SS-2 was essentially a modified version of the German V-2 rocket, using a single RD-101 engine that burned liquid oxygen and alcohol. The first DF-1 launch took place on 5 November 1960 from the Jiuquan base. Deployment of the conventionally armed DF-1 ballistic missile, the domestically produced Chinese version of the SS-2, occurred in the 1960s.


ContractorChinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology - CALT
OperatorSecond Artillery Corps
ConfigurationSingle Stage
Length [meters]
Diameter [meters]
Mass [kilograms]
First Flight19
Range (km)
Re-entry Vehicle Mass (kg)
Warhead conventional
CEP (meters)

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