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Type 09-1

Work started on the Type 09-1 Han class nuclear powered attack submarine in the late 1950s, though the first unit was not completed until 1974. With a fully loaded displacement of 5000 tons, this class is armed with six 533mm torpedoe tubes. The last three boats of the class were erroneously reported to have been lengthened by eight meters to accommodate tubes for six YJ-1 SSM launchers to the rear of the sail. All five units of this class are deployed with the North Sea Fleet. The Han-class SSNs are noted for problems, including high internal radiation levels and an inability to fire missiles while submerged, which compromise their operational effectiveness and their wartime utility against ASW-competent adversaries.


Displacement5,500 ton
Length m
Beam m
Drought m
Speed knots dive
Torpedoes 6 - 533 mm bow tubes
Units 401

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