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In March 1965 the First Academy (Carrier Rocket Research Academy) proposed a plan to build "four types of missiles in eight years" (banian sidan). On 31 December 1965 the scope of this plan was enlarged with a fifth missile, a fractional orbital bombardment system (FOBS). This system would launches a warhead into very low orbit, less than 100 miles above earth. Before completion of first orbit, a retro-rocket retards the speed of the warhead, which hits the target with only a few minutes warning. Based on reports that the Soviet Union was developing a FOBS, China undertook a study of a three-stage DF-6, which would achive a FOBS capability by adding a third stage to the DF-5. In August 1970 it was planned that the DF-6 become operational by 1974. However by 30 October 1973 technical problems intervened forcing the cancellation of the DF-6.

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