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Yibin Nuclear Fuels Factory
Nuclear Fuel Element Plant
Plant 812
28°46'N 104°34'E

Yibin, Sichuan 
P.O.Box 273 Yibin, Sichuan 
Post Code 644000 
Tel (0831)221811, 226976 
Fax (0831)223622, 226473 
Telex 612512 JZCCO CN 

Yibin Nuclear Fuels Factory is one of the 500 major industrial enterprises in China. It deals with scientific research, design, manufacture, and trade both at home and abroad in the field of nuclear fuels. The Nuclear Fuel Component Plant (Plant 812) is focused on Plutonium fuel rod fabrication, and plutonium production and processing for nuclear weapons. The Plant 812 facility is probably engaged in the production of tritium and Li-6 deuterium as part of China's nuclear weapons program.

In the late 1960s as part of the "third line" effort to relocate critical defense infrastructure in the relatively remote interior, China built new [allegedly underground] facilities supplement the plutonium production reactor at Jiuquan [third line plutonium production reactor at Guangyuan ], the design and fabrication facility at Haiyan [third line design and fabrication facility at Mianyang ], and the gaseous diffusion plant at Lanzhou [third line plutonium processing facility at Yibin].

The Factory has more than 7,800 employees, including 300 senior technical personnel and 2 000 junior or medium-level technical personnel. Main products include fuel assemblies, lithia, metallic lithium, metallic calcium, and lithium cells. The Factory is equipped with up-to-date communication facilities and a special railway line. The Factory is headquarted in Yibin, Sichuan, and has business offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.

In 1987, the first production line of PWR nuclear fuel assemblies in China was put into operation to support the initial core and the refueling of the 300 MW Qinshan NPP. In 1991, the Factory, approved by the government, introduced the technology of AFA 17¡Á17 fuel assembly from FRAMATOME of France. As a result, the original production line was improved so as to manufacture the fresh fuels for Unit 2 of Daya Bay NPP, the target of indigenous production of 900 MW class PWR fuel assemblies being fulfilled. The 300 MW PWR fuel assemblies have been exported to Pakistan. Following the reform and improvement of the production line and the completion of the research projects of the 600 MW PWR fuel assemblies, the new production line can manufacture nuclear fuel assemblies and the associated assemblies for 300 MW, 600 MW and 900 MW PWRs.

Over 10 production lines are installed within the Factory for manufacturing products of 121 varieties of 16 series, e.g. lithium salt, metallic lithium, metallic calcium, lithium cells, construction materials, magnetic materials, elevator, silk, leather, spices, and leaving liquor. Metallic calithium, metallic lithium, spices and others are exported to the markets in Southeast Asia, West Europe, and America.

Since its founding, the Factory has accomplished 470 research achievements. Among them, 17 won national awards and 80 provincial or ministerial awards. 13 products are entitled High Quality Products by the Province, Ministry or the State respectively, and some of them won gold prizes at international trade fairs.

Photographic Evaluation Report

High resolution imagery is presently available only from declassified CORONA imagery. As of 01 May 2000 no Russian 2-meter resolution KVR-1000 imagery is available via the SPIN-2 service on TerraServer, nor was any archival Space Imaging IKONOS 1-meter imagery available on the CARTERRA™ Archive.

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