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4211'30"N 8719'52"E

The Northwest Nuclear Technology Institute, located in the Scientific Research District near Malan, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, is the primary support facility for the Lop Nur nuclear test site. It maintains an archive on nuclear explosions, warfare, and weapons research and design associated with testing at Lop Nur. All of China's nuclear tests took place at Lop Nur in Xinjiang. Malan is located not far from Xinjiang's famous freshwater lake Bostun, which the Chinese use as a secret nuclear base. This base is only 10km away from a residential area where ethnic Uighurs and Mongolians live.

Former Soviet biological weapons expert Ken Alibek reports in his book Biohazard that his research found two rare kind of bacteria, Ebola and Marburg, not far from the Malan nuclear testing spot. According to Alibek, this indicated that China was experimenting with bacteriological weapons as early as in the 1980s.

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