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Hunan Chenxian Uranium Mine
2548'N 11302'E

Chenzhou, Hunan 
P.O.Box 41 Chenzhou, Hunan 
Post Code 423041 
Tel (0735)227231 
Cable 0641 Chenzhou 
Hunan Chenxian Uranium Mine in Hunan Province, founded in 1958, is one of the eight uranium mines opened between 1962 and 1965. As of the late 1990s it had 219 technical personnel, including 38 senior engineers (4 professors and 34 associate professors) and 113 engineers. The Mine is famous for its underground pit construction projects. The Mine possesses the biggest underground mining field in China, and over 30 survey groups coming from 18 countries have visited the Mine. Under the Mine are economic entities such as Huaxian Exploration and Slurry Injection Engineering Co., Engineering and Construction Co., Chenzhou Electrochemical Plant, Hunan Drilling Tools Factory, Nethylaniline Plant, Construction Materials Factory, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Co, and Mineral Water Co.

The Huaxian Exploration and Slurry Injection Engineering Co. carries out drilling and slurry injection engineering in various geological conditions. The Company has been involoved in the state key construction projects, e.g. Dayaoshan Tunnel Project, Nanling Tunnel Project and Hunan Longhudong Reservoir's Dam Project. It has undertaken desert uranium mine exploration, water source exploration, mine survey exploration, underwater exploration, building and bridge pier exploration and water-stopping slurry injection exploration. It is awarded national, ministerial or provincial prizes many times. The Engineering and Construction Co. contracts large-scale earth work projects. The Hunan Drilling Tools Factory fabricates a series of drilling tools, including chipping chisel, torx bit, columnar gear bit, complex bit, etc. The products of the Factory are sold in over ten provinces in China and international market via Hong Kong. The columnar gear bit won a national award in 1978 and the title of Top Quality Product many times. The Zhenzhou Electrochemical Plant produces chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, sodium hydroxide and polyvinyl chloride paste resin. The Mineral Water Co. produces mineral water with trade mark of Duoyue which contains many trace elements and has been identified as superb natural mineral water.

[Note that this facility, sometimes referred to as "Chengxian," is almost certainly not located at 3342'N 10536'E as suggested by some sources.]

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