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Nuclear Fuel Fabrication (NFF)
3040'N 10404'E

P.O. Box 257		
Chengdu, Yibin 610002
Tel: 86-0831-22-1811
Fax: 86-0831-22-3622

The Nuclear Fuel Fabrication facility is engaged in the production of fuel for the 300 MWe PWR at Quinshan (near Shanghai) and the two 900 MWe PWRs at Daya Bay (near Hong Kong). The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, built under contracts with the French FRAMATOME and the British GEC, has two pressurized water reactors with an electrical output of 1,000 MW each. One was put into commercial operation in February 1994, and the other in May 1994.

Russian-assisted nuclear projects in China are conducted under an intergovernmental agreement signed on 18 December 1992 for a gas centrifuge plant for uranium enrichment to be built in China for nuclear power stations. The first phase of construction by Russia of a gas centrifuge enrichment plant at Chengdu in Sichuan Province was completed in 1996. The plant, with a capacity of 200,000 SWU/year, is producing uranium enriched to 4% U-235 for the indigenously-designed 300 MWe PWR, Qinshan 1. Civil engineering work has begun on phase two of the project, a second 200,000 SWU/year centrifuge plant which is scheduled to begin operating by the end of 1998. A third plant is planned to be in operation by 2000-2001. The project is subject to IAEA safeguards.

Some sources assert that this facility is under construction in Hanzhung, Shaanxi Province.

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