Mankind is about to enter the 21st century of its history. It is the aspiration of the Chinese government and people to lead a peaceful, stable and prosperous world into the new century.

At the turn of the century, an important historical period, China is devoting itself to its modernization drive. China needs and cherishes dearly an environment of long-term international peace, especially a favorable peripheral environment. The Chinese people are willing, together with the people of the other countries in the world, to make unremitting efforts for the lofty cause of promoting world peace and development, and for initiating a glorious future for mankind.

Guided by its aspiration for peace and development, China unswervingly pursues a national defense policy that is defensive in nature, keeps national defense construction in a position subordinate to and in the service of the nation's economic construction, strengthens international and regional security cooperation and actively participates in the international arms control and disarmament process. Facts show that China is a responsible big country and a firm force safeguarding world peace and stability.

In 1995 China issued a white paper titled, China: Arms Control and Disarmament, which mainly describes China's substantial efforts and progress in the sphere of arms control and disarmament. Here China wishes to present a further introduction to and exposition of her work in defense.