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Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT I)

The agreement essentially freezes at existing levels the number of strategic ballistic missile launchers, operational or under construction, on each side, and permits an increase in SLBM launchers up to an agreed level for each party only with the dismantling or destruction of a corresponding number of older ICBM or SLBM launchers. In view of the many asymmetries in the two countries forces, imposing equivalent limitations required rather complex and precise provisions.

SALT I, the first series of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, extended from November 1969 to May 1972. In a summit meeting in Moscow, after two and a half years of negotiation, the first round of SALT was brought to a conclusion on May 26, 1972, when President Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev signed the ABM Treaty and the Interim Agreement on strategic offensive arms.

Primary documents, including treaty text and associated memoranda, statements and other related material.

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