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Threshold Test Ban Treaty

The Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty governs all nuclear explosions carried out at locations outside the weapons test sites specified under the Threshold Test Ban Treaty. The Parties agreed not to carry out any individual nuclear explosions having a yield exceeding 150 kilotons, and not to carry out any group explosion (consisting of a number of individual explosions) having an aggregate yield exceeding 1,500 kilotons.

Negotiations on the PNE agreement contemplated in Article III of the TTBT began in Moscow on October 7, 1974, and after six negotiating sessions over a period of 18 months, resulted in the Treaty on Underground Nuclear Explosions for Peaceful Purposes in April 1976. The United States and the Soviet Union exchanged instruments of ratification and the treaties entered into force on December 11, 1990.

Primary documents, including treaty text and associated memoranda, statements and other related material.

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