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Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers [NRRC ]

The Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers (NRRCs) in Washington and Moscow were established to reduce the risk of conflict or of accidental nuclear war between the United States and Russia that might result from accidents, miscalculations, or misinterpretations. The centers are connected by a dedicated communications link, and exchange information and notifications required under existing and future arms control and confidence-building measures agreements.

The US NRRC is a 24-hour communications center located in a secured room on the seventh floor of the State Department. The US NRRC operates seven separate communications systems linked directly or indirectly with more than 100 countries. Whereas only 1,800 messages were exchanged between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1988 in support of only two arms control agreements, in 1997 15,000 notifications were transmitted in support of 20 agreements -- including the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

In September of 1987, Secretary of State George Schulz and Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze signed the agreement to establish the NRRC system. The centers opened 01 April 1988.

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