June 4, 2000


                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary
                             (Moscow, Russia)

For Immediate Release                                         June 4, 2000

                                FACT SHEET

 Agreement on the Establishment of a Joint Warning Center for the Exchange
           of Information on Missile Launches and Early Warning

 President Clinton and President Putin today signed the Memorandum Of
Agreement Between The Government Of The United States and Government Of The
Russian Federation On The Establishment Of A Joint Center For The Exchange
Of Data From Early Warning Systems And Notifications Of Missile Launches.

This agreement - which is the first time the United States and Russia have
agreed to a permanent joint operation involving U.S. and Russian military
personnel - is a significant milestone in ensuring strategic stability
between the United States and Russia.  It establishes a Joint Data Exchange
Center (JDEC) in Moscow for the exchange of information derived from each
side's missile launch warning systems on the launches of ballistic missiles
and space launch vehicles.

The exchange of this data will strengthen strategic stability by further
reducing the danger that ballistic missiles might be launched on the basis
of false warning of attack.  It will also promote increased mutual
confidence in the capabilities of the ballistic missile early warning
systems of both sides.

The JDEC will build upon the successful establishment and operation during
the millennium rollover of the temporary joint center for Y2K Strategic
Stability in Colorado Springs.  The JDEC will be staffed 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, with American and Russian personnel.

The JDEC is also intended to serve as the repository for the notifications
to be provided as part of an agreed system for exchanging pre-launch
notifications on the launches of ballistic missiles and space launch
vehicles.  This agreement is currently being negotiated separately.

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