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Title:  The US has detargeted all of its strategic nuclear missiles which were pointed at locations in the former USSR for the first time in 35 years, implementing the joint US-Russia decision announced in January. DoD Report. (940531)

Title:  The US has learned tha the US-Russian peacekeeping exercise scheduled for July in the Volga district has been postponed, and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sam Nunn has proposed holding the exercise in the US instead of Russia. DoD Report. (940531)

Title:  An interagency task force is reviewing policy for sharing drug intelligence with other countries, part of a wide-ranging program of US support for counter-drug nations in host nations. DoD Report. (940531)

Date:  19940531

DEFENSE DEPARTMENT REPORT, TUESDAY, MAY 31 (Missile detargeting, U.S.-Russian exercise, Columbia/drug intelligence) (470)

NEWS BRIEFING -- Spokesman Kathleen DeLaski discussed the following topics: U.S. DETARGETS ALL STRATEGIC NUCLEAR MISSILES The United States has detargeted all of its strategic nuclear missiles which were pointed at locations in the former Soviet Union for the first time in 35 years, deLaski said, adding that the joint U.S.-Russian decision was announced in January and implementation was completed by May 30.

"Detargeting is an important symbolic point," she said, because it emphasizes "the strengthening partnership between the United States and Russia." Implementation of the detargeting agreement is "a significant milestone," deLaski said, because it indicates that the two nations "are no longer nuclear adversaries."

She said the 500 older U.S. Minuteman III missiles are now aimed at oceans, while the new Trident and Peacekeeper missiles contain no targeting information at all.

While detargeting cannot be "actively verified," deLaski noted, strategic missiles can be retargeted "fairly quickly" if there is a need to do so.

The spokesman also said the British made "a unilateral decision" to detarget their strategic missiles and have done so.