The Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Republic of Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, the Kingdom of Denmark, the French Republic, the Republic of Georgia, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Hellenic Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Iceland, the Italian Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Republic of Moldova, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of Poland, the Portuguese Republic, Romania, the Russian Federation, the Kingdom of Spain, the Republic of Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America, which are the States Parties to the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe of November 19. 1990, hereinafter referred to as the States Parties,

Recalling the Final Document of the Extraordinary Conference of the States Parties of June 5, 1992, wherein they reaffirmed their determination to bring into force the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe on November 19, 1990, hereinafter referred to as the Treaty, by the time of the Helsinki Summit Meeting of the Conference on Security and Co­operation in Europe on July 9­10, 1992,

Recognizing that the Treaty is an important achievement on which to build the new Europe proclaimed by the Charter of Paris,

Having due regard to the ratification procedures of their parliaments and governments,

Taking note of the signing of the Concluding Act of the Negotiation on Personnel Strength of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe,

Having met together at an Extraordinary Conference chaired by the French Republic in Helsinki on July 10, 1992, pursuant to Article XXI, paragraph 2 of the Treaty, as provisionally applied,

Have agreed as follows:

  1. Without prejudice to the provisions of Article XXII of the Treaty and notwithstanding the Protocol on Provisional Application of the Treaty, the States Parties shall apply provisionally all of the provisions of the Treaty, beginning on July 17, 1992, on the basis of the agreement reached by all States Parties expressed hereby. The States Parties deem that such provisional application constitutes an improvement to the Treaty.

  2. Such provisional application of the Treaty shall be for a period of 120 days but shall terminate upon entry into force of the Treaty if the Treaty enters into force before such 120­day period expires.

  3. In order to enhance the operation of the Treaty, during such period of provisional application as well as following entry into force of the Treaty, the date set forth in paragraph 1 above shall be used as the basis for determining the timing of all rights and obligations of the States Parties that are specifically tied to the date of entry into force of the Treaty.

  4. An extraordinary conference shall be convened, in accordance with Article XXI, paragraph 2 of the Treaty, in connection with entry into force of the Treaty in order to assess the implementation of the Treaty in light of its provisional application pursuant hereto.

  5. This document, in all the official languages of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, shall be deposited with the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as the designated Depository for the Treaty, which shall circulate copies of this document to all the States Parties.

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