On this day, the 30th of August 1995, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic, represented by the Heads of their respective diplomatic mission accredited to the OSCE in Vienna, have reached the following understanding:

  1. In view of the relevant provisions of the CFE Treaty and the Budapest Agreement of November 3, 1990, including the agreed protocol, the number of treaty limited armament and equipment (TLE) to be stored in Declared Permanent Storage Sites (DPSS) shall­ with effected maximum level for holdings (i.e. when actual national holdings equal the maximum level for holdings)­ be no less than:

    for Czech Republic 203 battle tanks
    144 ACVs
    138 pieces of artillery
    for Republic of Hungary 177 battle tanks
    178 ACVs
    152 pieces of artillery
    for Republic of Poland 368 battle tanks
    226 ACVs
    291 pieces of artillery
    for Slovak Republic 102 battle tanks
    72 ACVs
    69 pieces of artillery

  2. In case, for a given TLE category, the actual national holdings are lower than the maximum level for holdings, the number of TLEs to be held by relevant country in DPSS can be decreased by the number corresponding to the difference between the two above mentioned values.

  3. This Memorandum was done in 4 copies, each of them considered as original.
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