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Biological Weapons Convention

The parties undertake not to develop, produce, stockpile, or acquire biological agents or toxins "of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective, and other peaceful purposes," as well as weapons and means of delivery.

The convention was opened for signature at Washington, London, and Moscow on April 10, 1972. President Ford signed instruments of ratification on January 22, 1975. At the second Review Conference in September 1986, the parties agreed to implement data exchange measures to enhance confidence and to promote cooperation in areas of permitted biological activities. The third Review Conference in September 1991 created an Ad Hoc Group of Governmental Experts to evaluate potential verification measures. The Special Conference, held in September 1994, established an Ad Hoc Group to draft proposals to strengthen the Convention.

A chronological listing of major events and developoments.

Primary documents, including treaty text and associated memoranda, statements and other related material.

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