I. Excess ABM Launchers at Test Ranges

1. Above-ground launchers and associated equipment shall be removed from the sites, and the entire part of the launch pad containing the launcher mount and reinforcements shall be dismantled or destroyed. Launch-pad debris may be removed and after six months the location covered with earth.

2. Silo launchers shall be made unusable by dismantling or destruction of their above-ground structures and headworks, and removal of launch rails. Silo-launcher debris may be removed and after six months the silos may be filled with earth.

3. The dismantling or destruction actions described in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be completed no later than three months after their initiation.

4. Facilities associated with dismantled or destroyed ABM launchers at test ranges may, at the discretion of the Parties, be used for purposes not inconsistent with the provisions of the Treaty on the Limitation of ABM Systems, and applicable Agreed Statements.

5. Notification of the completion of the activities provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be given in the Standing Consultative Commission twice annually reflecting the actual status as of the beginning of a regular session of the Commission.

II. ABM Facilities at Malmstrom

1. Metal reinforcing rods on radar buildings shall be cut off.

2. Radar buildings for which wall construction had commenced shall be left uncovered in their uncompleted state for six months, after which they may be covered with earth.

3. Launcher facilities and radar buildings for which only foundations had been completed shall be covered with earth.

4. Earth grading of the entire area shall be accomplished and construction materials removed.

5. Dismantling or destruction activities shall be initiated no later than six months after agreement on these Procedures.

6. Notification that the above activities have been completed shall be given in the Standing Consultative Commission.